Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Off to India 

On the second night of my voyage of self rediscovery I had the wonderful opportunity to make love to a woman.

That might not sound too unusual, except that I have lived as a gay man for all of my adult life. So this is a first for me. And the experience was magical and so romantic. I am still a gay man of course, but I am very grateful for this opportunity to explore areas I haven't explored before. And for me, it has set a tone of openness to new discoveries that is the purpose of this voyage.

As I start a new chapter in my life, I have this unique opportunity to disconnect temporarily from my busy and wonderful life as a restaurant owner to explore myself inward. I have traveled a great deal in the past. The purpose of this voyage is different. Although I am traveling to the other end of the earth, this is a voyage of introspection.

I have 3 hopes for this voyage.

First, I want to learn to enjoy living on my own. I have been so lucky to have lived with 2 amazing men for nearly all of the past 35 years. Now I am single and I want to enjoy myself.

Second, I hope to explore the benefits of letting go and of quietening my mind.

Over the past couple of years, I have learned how to intentionally let go of my compulsion to control things around me. I had serious control issues. And my trying to control everything wasn't making me happier or pleasant to be around. I have found that nearly every time I 'let go' of my impulse to control events or people, life flows more smoothly and the outcome are better than those I envisioned. And so on this voyage, I don't know exactly where I am headed, but I am joyful that life will mysteriously and magically unfold in ways better than if I plan everything.

I have also started meditating every day for 5-15m. And I am happier and calmer nearly all the time. I make better decisions. I am more pleasant to be with. And I am happier. It's like I've been able to change the vibrations of my mind. And so I am going to explore that more in India and Nepal for a short time. I contacted an ashram in Nepal and hope to stay there a few days.

And finally, I hope to explore many of Asia's beautiful beaches.


  1. Cher Jeff, ton premier texte est déjà si inspirant. J'ai l'impression que ce voyage qui est le tien sera aussi une réflexion personnelle pour ceux qui auront le bonheur de te lire! Merci!

    Qui est Irma qui commente? Myriam de Facebook. Myriam du Québec. Myriam des années 90, d'une autre vie!

    À bientôt! Take care!

  2. Salut Myriam. Myriam du Quebec. Myriam d'une autre vie. Merci pour tes paroles et pour tes voeux. Je ne connais pas Irma ...

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  4. I found you :-) Sending Love <3 Sarina