Saturday, June 24, 2017

The Sanctuary and Horizon

I've just arrived on Koh Samui to start my trip home. And it's raining for nearly the first time on this trip. Even tho it's rainy season. 

I spent last week at this sanctuary yoga and meditation retreat. I rented a cliff top hut next door at Horizon huts. This area is only accessible by taxi boat. The sanctuary offers yoga meditation and detox programs and has nice rooms. But I preferred to rent the $25/night hut next door at Horizon huts. These are probably the last few images of this voyage. 

Yoga, meditation and detox by day. Marijuana, hash and other things by nite. 

One of the reasons I'm leaving now is because if I dont leave now.....I may decide to stay a long time 


Primary belief system here......

This my hut. Hut #1. With toilet shower and sink

View from hut 1

My hammock

The ocean hammock at the sanctuary. 

Communal space at horizon. Where we smile all that pot

View from horizon's meditation platform 

Primary energy source. Tho there is a backup generator. 

When I told the group at Horizonthatvi was leaving.... they made me a mango chocolate fondue in 10m. Totally Improvised and delicious. 

If you want to book your hut, book soon

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